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Recipe: Dairy Free Yoghurt with Organic Blueberries (£1.47 per serving)

When I feel like having something different for breakfast or I have been ill, I will try to boost my digestive system probiotics by eating some dairy free yoghurt with some organic blueberries. I choose dairy free as dairy yoghurt gives me tummy troubles. It takes under a minute to prepare and is refreshing every time. Simply yummy.

Key Facts:
  • Serves 1
  • Total Time: 1 min
  • Difficulty: Easy
  • Suitability: Dairy Free, Pescetarian, Vegan, Vegetarian

  • Bowl or glass cup
  • Spoon

Ingredients (Cost £1.47 per serving):
  • 250g (Half tub) Alpro Plain Yoghurt – 50p (£1 for 500g, Tesco/Asda – I only buy when on offer)
  • 50g Organic Blueberries – 97p (£4.85 for 250g from Abel & Cole)

  1. Pour half of the yoghurt into a bowl or clear glass.
  2. Wash the blueberries and place on top of the yoghurt.
  3. Enjoy!

Have you ever tried this simple breakfast? Do you like to add anything else to your yoghurt? Comments below your thoughts.

‘Hey yoghurt, if you’re so cultured, how come I haven’t seen you on opera’

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